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Lars Hemel
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The Abaco Islands are a gem to scuba divers all across the world.

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Scuba diving, boating, sailing and even more adventurous watersports have been the main reason to visit the Abacos Islands for decades. There are several marine parks and lots of regulations concerning fishing, scuba diving and hunting. You can visit the underwater preserve Pelican Cay National Park, Abaco National Park with its nesting Abaco Parrots or Fowl Cay Reef in the Fowl Cay Bahamas National Trust Preserve which is one of the best snorkelling destinations. On one hand the shallow Sea of Abaco while on the other hand you can find the rough Atlantic Ocean, the main reason for the slightly different marine and coral life compared with elsewhere in the Bahamas. Plenty of beaches, turquoise coloured seas, shallow white sand, desolated, palm-fringed, busy with hammocks where you can get cocktails. Sea turtles, dolphins and plenty of fishlife met by just grabbing your gear and swim out for a quick snorkel. It really is a paradise for those that love nature, scuba dive and the beach. Further offshore you can find stunning reefs, swim-through caves, a wicked underwater marine environment, macroscopic life and huge predators. There are wreck dives and shark experiences, all easily booked and reached.

The Abacos Islands are situated in the north of the Bahamas with Great and Little Abaco the main islands. Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco is where it is all happening; from there you can hike your way up along the chain of beautiful cays all the way to the north, a sort of mini Out-Islands. An island hopper's paradise, from Little Harbour to Pelican Cays, Tilloo Cay and Bank, Lubbers Quarters Cay, Elbow Caye, Man-o-War Cay, Great Guana Cay, Whale Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Crab Cay, Manjack Cay, Powell Cay, Spanish Cay, Alans Pensacola, Moraine Cay, Fish Cays, Carter Cays, Strangers Cay, Grand Cays to Walker's Cay. Moore's Island, Gorda Cay (Castaway Cay), the Marls and Sandy Point are great places to visit as well. Elbow Cay is only 175 miles from Florida's east coast with a lot of fled English refugees that came here after the revolutionary war. There is a lot at this 10square kilometer island that resembles of England, from English groceries and bakeries at Hope Town, its famous candy striped lighthouse to English dialects with a touch of Bahamian. Other interesting activities include the Abaco Wild Horse Preserve on Treasure Cay and Sandy Cay Reef which is part of the underwater wildlife sanctuary at Pelican Cay Land and Sea Park. Fishermen can have a go in non protected areas for catching bonefish, tuna, merlin and plenty other game species.

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