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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Bahamas.

Ocean Blue Hole

Rated 3.0, 4 votes

Named the Great Blue Hole because of its size, this ocean blue hole a.k.a. King Kong's Blue Hole is the second deepest in the Bahamas. While there are some cavernous sections to this blue hole, you don't need special equipment or lights, and the dive is not constrictive. You'll be guided into the entrance of the blue hole at a depth of 40 feet (12 m), where you'll descend down an ancient waterfall chute. Then you'll make your way along the rim of the blue hole, passing under an enormous swim-th...


Rated 3.0, 2 votes

The amazing drop-off dive called Catacombs has terraced levels featuring outstanding plate corals and large barrel sponges. There are plenty of nooks and crannies (catacomb like) to explore....

Sea Star II Wreck

Rated 3.0, 2 votes

The Sea Star Wreck (formerly Emmanuelle) was sunk in April 2002. The ship is approximately 180 foot long and sits upright, in 2 sections in around 90 feet of water. As a freighter, she has a cavernous cargo hold which is open to exploration, where the diver can see evidence of how the ship was made ready for sinking, with cement ballast and holes in the side of the hull still visible. The wreck is now home to many varied species of fish and plant life, including some of the biggest arrow crabs i...

Brad's Mountain

Rated 2.8, 4 votes

Brad's Mountain was named after a former Small Hope Bay Lodge dive master, Brad Percel. This scuba site is located just a stone's throw away from the Shark Emporium where Small Hope conduct its shark observation dive. It has a lot of variety of life and it is common to see bar jacks darting in and out of the summer swarms of silver-sides, crowding the many small swim-throughs and caverns that honeycomb Brad's Mountain. We often see schools of fish such as Horse-eye jacks, Atlantic spade fish and...

Turnbull's Gut

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

The stunning wall dive Turnsbull's Gut is named for resident marine biologist Tim Turnbull. Right on the edge of the Tongue of the Ocean, there is a large fissure in the coral running along the edge of the wall. This feature provides an excellent swim-through, which you can enter on the top of the wall and swim surrounded on all sides by coral. When you exit at 120 feet, you'll see nothing below you but thousands of feet of water. Along the top of the wall, a variety of creatures cruise around t...

Picasso's Gallery

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

This shape of the reef called Picasso Gallery forms a rough 'painters palette', hence its name. It is said the coral heads at this site are like masterpieces in an art gallery, you move from one piece to the next seeing what each one has to offer. Colors are fantastic – considered a photographers delight. Lots of small life, Arrow crabs, slugs, juveniles. You will often find a stingray or a stray reef shark....

Over the Edge of the Wall

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Over the Edge of the Wall is a great dive, with something to see at every level. Whether you choose to take the plunge and experience one of life's most exhilarating feelings, plummeting down to an ice age shore line at a depth of 185 feet, or you prefer to make your way along the coral grottoes along the top of the wall filled with marine life of every description, this site has plenty to offer. Pristine reefs and sheer drops combine to provide a gorgeous vista. It was here back in the 1960's t...

Peter's Mystery Special

Rated 1.0, 3 votes

Whimsically referred to as P.M.S (Peter's Mystery Special), this dive site is a beautiful coral garden, perfect for novice divers. A wide variety of fish life can be found here, such as parrot-fish, French and Blue stripped grunts and schools of the beautiful Creole wrasse. This is also an ideal spot to observe the reef's cleaning stations. The site is named Peter's Mystery Special after divemaster Peter Douglas who took a chance one day and just threw in the anchor. It turned out to be a great ...

Cessna Wreck, Cessna Wall

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

You can dive on a small popular twin engined light craft Cessna 310 plane that was crashed on the water by James Bond in the movie Never Say Never Again. The diving site, also called Cessna Wall or Nari Nari, is located offshore the southwest side of New Providence, near Clifton Wall southeast of Clifton Point. From the pier you can make the long swim to the Cessna plane-wreck, but it is better to get there by boat. Besides the plane that is situated on a sandy seabed (stirring up sand is the b...


Rated 1.0, 2 votes

The reef dive site Caribe features three lines of isolated coral heads running parallel to each other. Look carefully for Christmas tree worms and feather dusters. The tops of the heads are covered with assorted gorgonian and sea fans. Hog fish seem to frequent the area as well as stingrays with their ever present jack escorts....