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Lars Hemel
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The hub of the Bahamas, New Providence is famous for its dives with sharks on the Shark Arena and for its dive-able shipwrecks.

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The best known island of the Bahamas is New Providence, also the hub to other islands and home of the capital Nassau. Scuba divers will know it for its fantastic south western located shark wall dives. At two sandy flats adjacent to the New Providence wall (also called the Runway or Shark Arena) you can find shark feeding spots. Tiger sharks, Silky sharks, reef sharks all frequently visit this nutrient rich drop-off full of reef fish and hard and soft corals. Since New Providence has been populated for more than 300 year, a very popular hideaway for pirates in the 17th and 18th century, and always a place in the center of the main shipping lanes, the ocean floor is littered with shipwrecks. From huge wrecks such as the 200ft Ray of Hope, the 130ft freighter Alcora (infamous drug smuggler), up to remains of wooden vessels such as the 40ft fishing boat called Spiyva (wreck on the wall). So there are wicked reefs, plenty of marine life, large and small uncountable shipwrecks, a place to behold for scuba diving.

Nassau is the financial center in the Caribbean, there are art galleries, museums, casinos, golf courses, attraction parks but also the place for the biggest straw market you have ever seen. The great underwater marine world around Nassau is also used in several movies including several James Bond films, there even is a Cessna used in one of his films still dive able on the ocean floor. Neighboring Paradise Island, connected by bridge with Nassau, is an in beach adorned paradise as is Rose Island. There are several lakes, sounds and ponds worth a visit and you can explore Fort Bay, Clifton Bay or South Beach. It is the most populated area in the Bahamas with plenty of action, for scuba divers but also for holiday vacationers

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