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Dive site Diana's Dungeons with all its swimmthroughs is named after some woman's mind.

Name Dive Site:Diana's Dungeons
Depth: 20-27m (65-88ft)
Inserted/Added by: smallhopebaylodge

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Spectacular swim-through coral passageways are a main feature at Diana's Dungeons. These wide and well-lit formations are easily observed as you wind your way in and out of the false wall. This site is home to a variety of soft corals that wave elegantly on the top, as well as amazing red crustose coralline algae encrusting inside of all of the swimthroughs. During the summer months you can often find large numbers of silver sides as well as the fish that eat them, like Bar Jacks and Yellowtail Snapper. This dive site got its name because all the twisted swim-throughs reminded our one-time head dive master of his girlfriend's mind. Her name was Diana.

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