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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.

Grand Bahama

Buddha Heads, Gold Rock, Lattimor's Mound, Lucayan Caverns, Ben's Cave, Burial Mound Cave, Memory Rock, Mount Olympos, Angel Grand, Dolphin Experience, Sea Hunt Reef, Shark Alley, Caves 2, Sugar Wreck, White Sand Ridge

New Providence

Alcora, Bahama Mama, Barracuda Shoals, Bond Wrecks, Caribe Breeze, De La Salle, Edward Williams, Fish Hotel, Goulding Cay, Graveyard, Shipyard, Hole in the Head, Karen's Reef, Lampton's Wall, Los Ocean Blue Hole, Playpen, Pumpkin Patch, Razorback, Runway, Shark Arena, Shark Bowl, Shark Wall, Southwest Reef, Tunnel Wall, Willaurie


Amphitheater, AUTEC Buoy, Blue Hole, Cable Drive, Central Point, China Point, Conch Sound Blue Hole, Giant Staircase, Len's Lost Wall, Liben's Point, Mickey's Meander, Nitrox Express, Red Shoal


Bimi Road, Road to Atlantis, Bimini Barge, Continental Shelf, Gingerbread Grounds, Hawksbill Reef, Hesperus, Turtle Wreck, Honeymoon Harbor, Kinks, Little Caverns, Miami Rita Wreck, Moray Alley, Nodules, Nodule Wall, Rainbow Reef, Sapona Wreck, Strip, Line, Tuna Alley, Turtle Rocks, Victory Reef, Wall

Berry Islands

Ambergris Cay, Chub Cay Wall, Cistern Cay, Coco Cay, Airplane Wreck #1, Airplane Wreck #2, Lifeguard Stand, Queen Anne's Revenge, Reef Balls Site 1, Fanny Cay, Fishbowl, Great Harbour Cay, Great Stirrup Cay, Hole in the Roof, Mama Rhoda Reef, Whale Point


Barracuda Alley, Caribe Breeze Wreck, Charlie's Canyon, Coral Caverns, Esther K, Dorothy H, Fowl Cay Preserve, Maxi Cave, Original Tarpon Dive, San Jacinto, Sandy Cay, Shark Canyon, Spanish Cannon, Tiloo Bank, Towers


Arch, bat cave, Bone Sink Hole, Current Cut, Devil's backbone Wrecks, Carnarvon, Cienfuegos, Potato & Onions Wreck, Train Wreck, Glass Window Bridge, Off Cape Eleuthera, Pink House Reef, Pinnacle, Plateau, Canyons, Fish Bowl, Maze

Cat Island

Black Coral Wall, Cut, Devil's Point, Dry Heads, Greenwood Reef, Tartar Bank

San Salvador

Black Forest, Devil's Claw, Double Caves, French Bay, Great Cut, Hole in the Wall, North Pole Cave, Snapshot Reef, SS Frascate, Telephone Pole

Rum Cay

Dynamite Wall, Grand Canyon, HMS Conqueror, Hyperspace, Pinder Reef, Snowfields, Sumner Reef, Wizard Cake

Long Island

Barracuda Heads, Big Green Hole, Chimney, Conception Wall, Dean's Blue Hole, Flamingo Tongue, MV Comberbach, Poseidon Point, Sea Garden, Shark Reef, Snow Fields, Southapton Reef


Cay Lobos, Cay Sal, Big Hole, Shark Hole, Elbow Cay Wall, Sistine Chapel, Water Cay, Exumas, Angelfish Blue Hole, Black Rocks, Crab Cay Reef, Fowl Cay Reef, Highburn Wall, Mystery Cave, Thunderball Grotto, Bond Cave, Wax Cay Cut, Ragged Island Range, Samana Cay